• Question:  What types of right hand drive vehicles can you get?
  • Answer: We can import any car that is over 25 years old, such as diesel SUVs, sedans, wagons and sports cars, including Skylines, Nissan Z cars, Toyota Supras among others.
  • Question:  What condition are these right hand drive vehicles in?
  • Answer: All of the right hand drive vehicles are in excellent condition. We very thoroughly inspect and service these vehicles making repairs to all known issues. A limited powertrain warranty is available for a modest cost.
  • Question:  Why do these right hand drive vehicles from Japan have such low mileage?
  • Answer:  Japanese workers typically commute to and from work using public transportation. They use their cars primarily for recreational purposes. The Japanese government has very strict regulations on licensing of vehicles and it is also very difficult to obtain a driver’s license. So people tend to place a very high value on their driving experience and take pride in their cars.
  • Question: Do you offer financing?
  • Answer:  NW Priority Credit Union, your postal employees credit union in the greater Portland area, offers 100% financing to members. Please give them a call at 503-760-5304, or toll free at 1-800-331-0968.
  • Question:  How hard is it to license these right hand drive vehicles?
  • Answer: I provide all of the documents needed to license right hand drive vehicles that I sell. If you are an Oregon resident, I handle all of the paperwork. The Oregon DMV fees are $186 for the title, registration and plates. Check with your state department of motor vehicles for your state’s fees. So far, residents from Washington, Idaho, California, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South and North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Kansas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Texas, Nevada, Arizona and others have registered and licensed our right hand drive vehicles.


We import right-hand drive vehicles for use as postal mail carrier vehicles.

Right Hand Drive RHD vehicles for postal carriers.
We import high-quality, low mileage right hand drive vehicles for use as postal carrier vehicles.

We are a Registered Importer authorized to bring imported vehicles into compliance with U.S. safety standards.

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured dealer.